Friday, July 25, 2014

Jaclyn Hill Inspired Makeup: Rose Sparkle

So, at 24 I realized I had no idea how to
really put on makeup.
Heck! I barely knew what certain products were used for.

Several months ago I was in a wedding. So, before that day came around I knew
I had to figure out this whole makeup thing.
Remembering that my friend Jamie enjoyed watching tutorials on Youtube, 
I hopped on the web and began my studies.

One of the first people that I really enjoyed watching was:

Jaclyn Hill

Fun and bubbly, but also extremely informative!
I loved watching her videos and honestly I sort of blame it on her
that Im now a "makeup junky".

No…Im not a makeup wizard, but I have learned loads of tips and tricks
and I actually enjoy putting on and playing with makeup.
Which is saying a lot because in my youth I truly hated makeup!
(and thats a whole other story)
But NOW...
Its definitely another artistic outlet for this crafty creature!

The photo above  is a recreation of Jaclyn Hill's Rose Sparkle look.
Its one of my favorites this summer!
A link to watch her video: Rose Sparkle

Here is sort of a goofy close up of the eyes.
[ I really gotta figure out how to take good beauty/makeup photos! ]
Any tips?

Products Used:

Makeup Geeks Eyeshadows

Mac items

Thanks for reading!

eyeshadows available at: Makeup Geek

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