Tuesday, August 12, 2014

SMASH Book: My Wedding

Recently, I posted a video on the Youtube of my wedding SMASH book.
I filmed a page I was working on from my brother/sister in-laws wedding
 and if you'd like to see it click the link below:

A few viewers left comments and friends have asked to see the other pages of the book.
Unfortunately, I did these ones from my wedding awhile ago before I could film them.
I did a lot of smashing in this book! It is still "in the making" and already has some thickness to it.
I used it to save all of the process we went through; 
planning the colors and dresses, as well as the end result of our wedding adventure.
So here ya go! Hope you enjoy!
Don't be shy…leave any questions or comments below.

My Wedding SMASH book:

The Engagement Page

The Bridesmaids Gift Page

The Invitation Page

The Officially Married Page

The Mommy Page

The Dress Page

The Bridal Shower Page

The Wedding Website Page

The Bachelorette Party Page

The Bridesmaids Dresses Page

The Ceremony Page

The Color & Theme Page


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